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The Secret Art

A Journey to Awaken the True Self by Christopher Lee

Awakening to our true nature is the ultimate goal of the spiritual aspirant, but it doesn’t take an expensive retreat or an ascetic life to achieve. The practice of the Secret Art of Reiki is a time-honored tradition meant to appeal to the modern mind.

Reiki Master Christopher Lee takes you on a journey of remembrance of the most sacred truth, the nature of the true self. Take the first step on the path of Reiki with meditation, self-healing, and journaling.

  • Learn the sacred tradition of Reiki as a philosophy, a spiritual path, and end suffering through practice.
  • Engage in a meditation practice that provides you mindful awareness every day.
  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing with hands-on energy techniques.


This self-paced journaling book challenges you to dive deep within. Uncover the true nature hidden inside your heart, mind, and spirit. Within you is a limitless power to transform, alchemize, and become abundantly you.

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The Secret Art Book