Break the Illusion: Empower Your Life


Rewrite the script and live the life you always dreamed of living!

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In Break the Illusion: Empower Your Life, Coach Christopher Lee shares his perspective on our ability as born story tellers to completely and radically alter our life. As humans, we assign meaning to our life through story. Flip the script and reclaim your lost power!

Chris has been a personal development coach for over 10 years. In this empowering course, you will:
-Learn why we suffer
-How our personal narrative creates our perception of life
-How to flip the script and rewrite your narrative
-What your true power is
-How we access our true power
-How to implement the power of 1% Better Everyday.

The course is packed with video content, an empowerment workbook, and tons of resources. Change your life today!


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