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Attitude of Gratitude: How to access permanent gratitude!

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About Course

Gratitude is one of the most important and undervalued emotions we possess. It is more than feeling thankful, it is a perspective that can change our lives for the better. Gratitude changes the way we see the world and our place in it. When we are grateful, we see the beauty in life and all of its moments. No experience is bad, everything happens for a reason. When we focus on being grateful, it alters our perception of reality and makes us happier people.

The Attitude of Gratitude video course will teach you how to live a life full of gratitude. You will learn how to implement gratitude into your daily life, so that you can reap its many benefits. The book includes real-life examples of people who have transformed their lives by embracing gratitude. You will also learn how to turn any bad experience into growth and self-awareness. Gratitude is the key to happiness, empathy, and compassion.

This course also comes with a starter gratitude journal, which will help you get started on your gratitude journey right away!

The Gratitude Plan eBook is also included, as well as a 5 day gratitude challenge to help jumpstart your practice.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to implement gratitude into your daily life
  • How gratitude can alter your perception of reality, permanently
  • How to turn bad experiences into growth
  • Forge a greater self awareness
  • Foster empathy and compassion

Course Content

What is it and how do we do it?
Gratitude can be hard to grasp, but is it hard?

  • Introduction
  • What is Gratitude?
  • Day 1 Gratitude Challenge: Open Your Eyes
  • You Are a Miracle
  • Day 2 Gratitude Challenge: Write it Down
  • How to PRACTICE Gratitude
  • Day 3 Gratitude Challenge: The Power of Saying, “Thank You”
  • 5 Simple Steps to Practice Gratitude
  • Day 4 Gratitude Challenge: Affirm!
  • The Heart Expansion Meditation
  • Day 5 Gratitude Challenge: The Secret Sauce
  • Bonus: The Gratitude Journal
  • Bonus: The Gratitude Plan eBook

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