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Live Free of Suffering

Join Mindfulness Coach Christopher Lee on a journey to reclaim lost power and live a life free of suffering through the practice of Zazen.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.


Meditation Coach

I help individuals uncover their true self

We are addicted to suffering.

This addiction prevents us from living the life we were meant to. Instead, we actively choose to live a life where the tempest of emotions blows us aimlessly into the troubled waters of anger, worry, fear, and envy. All the while our natural state of presence remains hidden in plain sight, right under our noses. 

The good news is we don’t have to be blown about. We can reclaim our power and live a life anchored in the present moment. We do this through practice, finding purpose, and accessing presence.

How I Help You with Zazen

The real teacher is inside you

I’m a regular person just like you. Yes I function as a mindfulness coach, spiritual teacher, a voice of inspiration, but that means little. Ultimately, this is about you and your story.


No matter the form I love to produce content and share my musings with others.


This is the key to liberation from the poisoned mind. Meditation is our natural state.


The simplest thing in the world. Tune into the breath and start unlocking lost energy.

Group Coaching

I help people reclaim their power through the medium of narrative. Embark on the Quest.

Zazen Mindfulness Coach Christopher Lee


How do we reclaim lost power?

Power is lost through agreements that do not serve our highest levels of being. We reclaim it by realizing we gave it away.

"Coaching isn't therapy. It's story development, with you as the author." - Christopher Lee
Latest Writings
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Christopher Lee


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Addicted 2 XYZ

The Podcast

Addicted 2 XYZ

 We are addicted to suffering. 

We have two choices. Continue to suffer or accept the truth of our being.

Join coach Christopher Lee on the podcast as he invites leading thinkers, spiritual guides, and mentors to explore the ways in which we can recover from being addicted to suffering. 


Remember who you are

My practice presence methodology combines over a dozen modalities


Mindfulness Coaching

I help you remove limitations and obstacles that hold you back.


Meditation is the key practice in the method. We will explore dozens of methods and techniques.


Tuning into the breath is more than calming, it also goes to work for us in releasing somatic blocks.


Learning the symbols embedded in our subconscious helps us to uncover the patterns in our narrative.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Our words and memories have power. Learn to use them to overcome false narratives.

Cognitive Behavioral Restructuring

Our mind becomes overrun with weeds and thorns if we don’t tend to it. Cognitive restructuring employs the principle of rewriting our base programming.

Rational Emotive Behavior

Learn how to tap into the emotions and cease avoiding them. Face them with courage and a sound mind.

Mindfulness Coach
You are the Author
What's the next chapter?
Gratitude Attitude
Gratitude is not a feeling, it is state of being that requires practice to implement.
Meditation Basics
Learn the components of a bulletproof meditation practice and unravel the mind.
Monomyth Quest
Follow the Hero's Journey in a Group Coaching format for 12 Weeks.


Reclaim Your Power

Join the Zazen Community and learn to unlock your true nature and power through the practice of meditation, breathwork, and the hero’s journey.


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